Papercraft Design

Have a papercraft designed for a special occasion, corporate event, or web download. They're an eye-popper any time of the year!

Nothing amazes people like a paper model. Most folks don't know that things like this can be made from everyday paper. Models can be small and cute or large and detailed. Easy-to-follow illustrated text instructions make construction fun for individuals, family bonding, or passing time.

Greeting cards are great for beautiful pop-ups, and have the potential for unique designs! They're both fun to make and to receive as gifts for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and anniversaries.

Break the mould with unique ideas! Not sure if something can be done? Ask! Chances are we can solve it together.

What People Are Saying

"[...]we recognized that you were bringing added value to the project. We really apprecite you working to meet our deadlines and are very happy with the end result."

-Howard Bowers
Associate creative Director

"I can't tell you what a positive splash your completed model is making around the Museum. [...] We have been so impressed with your work that we would like to invite you to submit a proposal back to us for further model design."

-Bruce Linder

"We think your models are way cool and jazzed."

-Fritz Foy
Senior Vice President of Strategic Technology

"Everyone LOVES it!! I brought it to our weekly meetings and everyone yelped."

-Irene Gallo
TOR Art Director

"About 18 months ago I suffered a life-threatening incident, when an undetected aneurysm suddenly burst in my brain. Your models have been very important in restoring my fine motor skills and mental acuity."


"My children and I have spent more quality time during the weekends talking about and building the paper models displayed, especially the nautilus which has intrigued my children into reading Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea along with the Disney movie which has inspired imagination and intrigue."

-The Alvadrado Family

"We think you are very talented and we like the work you’re doing with the paper-craft products on"

-Michael Hernandez
Senior Producer

International Division

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Get a free price quote on your papercraft idea.

Papercrafts come with full-color parts and illustrated text instructions for easy assembly. Please note that I do not have access to printing facilities; prints, copies, and assembly are your responsibility.

When the project is finished, YOU OWN IT! You can even have the work files at your request. Do not ask for copyrighted or intellectual properties of another unless you own the rights or have permission.

Contact Information

General Dimensions/Size

Have a rough idea of how large you want the papercraft. Larger papercrafts take more time.


Preferred Assembly System

The tab-only system (glue required) is standard, and is suitable for all ages. A tab & slot system (glue required) is child-friendly, but requires more design time. A locking tab & slot system requires no glue, and tabs do not come out easily.

  • no preference
    tabs only
    tab & slot
    locking tab & slot
    other (please specify in the message)
Paper Media

What size will the parts and instructions be printed on?

How thick will the paper be? Nothing thicker than light-medium cardstock is recommended unless specifically required. Paper thickness does affect both how parts fit together and how easy the papercraft is to assemble.

Project Details

Shorter deadlines mean lots of work and long days with little rest.

To save time, please try to have any non-disclosure agreements available if you need to discuss sensitive project details. If you are an individual who does not have a non-disclosure agreement, one can be provided for you upon request.

Please provide any questions, concerns, or other project details.


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